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ORIX Polska S.A. as one of the first companies in the Polish market has successfully introduced a loan as a new financial product.

A loan, as an interesting alternative to a bank credit, may be used for financing both tangible assets and the right to intangible assets.

The object of the loan may be:

  • New medical equipment;
  • Software;
  • Computer equipment;
  • Other machines and devices;
  • Vehicles.

Loan procedure:

  • ORIX carries out a credit analysis and takes a decision based on the STANDARD or Quick Med (for medical equipment) procedure;
  • The initial fee is paid by the Client directly to the supplier’s account;
  • The loan’s amount is paid by ORIX directly to the Supplier;
  • The currency of the transactions is PLN;
  • The crediting period is from 12 to 60 months;
  • The minimum initial fee is equal to VAT;
  • The management fee is 1%.