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"Answers, Custom Fit." - Solutions adapted to the needs of our clients

In the ORIX Group certain methods of operation are constant, irrespective of the lapse of time or staff changes. One of such invariable factors is the innate approach to find the best solutions, tailored to the needs of our clients. We apply this philosophy to all clients and manifest it in our motto:

"Answers, Custom Fit." - Solutions tailored to the customs (needs) of our clients.


ORIX is constantly researching the market needs and therefore it makes its social contribution by developing leading global financial services. Our company does its best to offer innovative products that create an added value for the clients.


1. ORIX does its best to meet various needs of its clients and to provide top quality services.

2. The objective of ORIX is to enhance its basic operations and to achieve a sustainable development through the integration of ORIX resources and promotion of a synergy between various units.

3. ORIX puts a lot of effort to maintain a corporate culture that supports the professional development of the staff and also gives them the feelings of satisfaction and pride through their personal development.

4. The objective of ORIX is to achieve a stable growth of the company’s value for our shareholders through the above-mentioned initiatives.